ETIT Jack Multiple

a jack mult is traditionally the only synthesizer module that does not require a manual since they mostly have simple and identical functionality across all brands and synthesizer formats. all you need to know about the ETIT mult is that the white ring is special. when the white ring has a cable inserted, it would be impossible to connect anything from the top 4 jacks to anything in the bottom 4 jacks. when nothing is inserted to the jack with the white ring, the top 4 jacks and the bottom 3 jacks are all connected internally for the purpose of sending 1 source to up to 6 destinations. it is generally considered best practice to not connect outputs to outputs in any synthesizer unless the manufacturer has specifically allowed it in writing. it is possibly a complicated and controversial topic but to sum it up... well made modules from major synthesizer brands are bullet proof to the type of damage that may result from accidentally connecting outputs to outputs but it may not be useful.
for the completed module, search ebay for "ETIT jack mult"
the DIY is in stock @ eatyourguitar.com
$10 for a PCB + panel

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